Patty Ferris, Spiritual Counselor


Private Sessions
As a Spiritual Counselor, Patty is available on the phone for private sessions centering on spiritual guidance and healing.

"Patty is an amazing spiritual councilor. I have come to her for years for help when working through an issue or at a crossroads in my life. She is engaging and very approachable. She has taught me to understand and appreciate myself. Whatever stormy seas I am navigating, she always shows me ways that I can steer to calmer waters."
– Laura S., Seattle, WA

Sessions are 50 - 65 minutes, and cost $85.

Please send an e-mail to to schedule a session. Once the session is paid for (through PayPal) calling information will be sent.
Patty may also be reached at (206) 335-8183.

"Patty is a gifted and loving spiritual counselor and healer. She has always assisted me with the utmost of warmth, gentleness, love, and humour. I deeply appreciate her levity, encouraging me to move through difficult times with ease and light-heartedness. She laughs at herself, never taking herself too seriously, and is a perfect example of healing with self-love and complete acceptance. Patty always offers me a clear perspective and truth about situations, assisting me to move past blocks to a higher ground from which to launch anew. She is on a personal journey of evolution and healing, and at the same time offers assistance to others, showing them a clear path to their own power and healing."
– Marisa, thefoxguides, Toronto, Canada


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